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Passing on a Legacy

Estate Planning Needs

No matter what stage you are in the financial planning process, an estate plan is important to have. As soon as you have a major life event, such as buying your first home, getting married, having children, you must plan for how your estate will be divided upon your passing or update an existing plan.

The financial professionals at Marathon Financial Planning can assist you in creating a comprehensive estate plan that, with the help of an estate planning attorney, incorporates legal documents that define where your assets should go, beneficiary designations to ensure your retirement accounts are actually left to intended heirs, and tax mitigation strategies to reduce death and estate taxes for your beneficiaries. Estate planning through Marathon Financial Planning is intended to progress with you as you as you progress through life.

Strategies to consider for passing on your legacy and ensuring you final wishes are honored include:

  • Assistance with setting up necessary estate protection documents such as a will
  • Beneficiary designations for your financial contracts and retirement accounts
  • Creation of multigenerational IRA to help reduce the tax impact on your beneficiaries when they inherit your accounts
  • Living trust planning to protect your estate from going through probate

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